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Money speaks, we translate.

No complex financial jargon, just clear, real-time insights that help you take command of your money.

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Your finances, Categorized

From groceries and dining to transportation and entertainment, we break down your expenses to help you track where your money is going.

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No Surprises

Identify unwanted subscriptions that may be draining your finances. Block future transactions with a simple tap.

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Dive Into
the Details

Check the approval status of a transaction, download a bank statement if needed, and assign your own tags to help organize your finances even more.

Your Personal Financial Story

Imagine having a weekly recap of your finances, much like the way music apps show you your most-played songs. With Insights, we bring this concept to your finances.

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Budget Like a Pro

Set your desired daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly budget. Stay informed about your spending progress, receive alerts as you approach your limit and create individual sub-budgets within categories for ultimate organization.

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Find, Filter, and Organize

Filter your transactions by category, time, or even create your own custom tags for easy organization. Whether you want to review your expenses for a specific category, track your spending over different time periods, or find transactions with specific tags, we've got you covered.

Control at Your Fingertips

Gain full control over your subscriptions and recurring payments. Say goodbye to surprise charges by blocking future payments for unwanted subscriptions directly from the Bloxley app.

Bugdet Setting — Supercharged

Set your preferred budget, stay updated on spending, receive limit alerts, and organize with sub-budgets.

Your Account Activity, Live in Your Pocket

With real-time push notifications, you'll receive instant updates for each transaction so you are confident your payment was successful. Whether money's coming in or going out, we keep you up to date and remind you of your dails total too.

Debit Cards

Convenient. Confident.

Pocket it. Save it. Get it.

The best way to budget your goals. Tag and view money with pockets.

Fraud stands no chance.

Secure your finances with up-to-date authentication. Enjoy banking in real-time and use biometrics to authenticate your transactions to make sure it's truly you.

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the FAQ?

How can Bloxley help with my personal finances?

Bloxley offers many saving and budgeting tools to help you to organize your personal finances. Pockets can help you save and organize expenses through money-tagging. You can link your debit card to your pockets, set spending alerts and add automated habits as well. Bloxley also offers Insights, a feature that shows you a weekly recap of your financial journey, much like the way music apps show you your most-played songs. You can also set individual budgets for each spending category and stay on top of your subscriptions.

What is budgeting?

Budgeting involves devising and preparing a personal plan for future expenditures and savings. This proactive approach enables you to plan ahead, arrange your financial objectives, and determine whether your future funds will align with your preferences. With Bloxley, you can create detailed budgets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for specific categories or overall. Additionally, through advanced AI, Bloxley can suggest spending limits for different categories based on your historical spending habits.

How can I open a Bloxley account?

Getting an account with Bloxley is easy:

- Simply visit your app store and install the Bloxley app.
- Set up your account using your Social Security Number or iTIN, along with your phone number and E-Mail.
- Following this, you'll be required to authenticate your identity by selecting from various identification document options.
- You can select from the Bloxley Basic, Plus, Premium, or Ultimate plans to finalize your account setup. This creates your Bloxley account, and you can begin making transactions immediately!

How is Bloxley protecting my money and data?

Bloxley places a high priority on the safety of your money and data. Your deposits are fully protected up to the standard deposit insurance amount by the FDIC which is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category.