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Banking as simple as it should be. Our sleek and intuitive mobile app puts all your financial needs at your fingertips, allowing you to send, receive, and manage your money with ease.

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional banking and open your account in minutes.

Your free Virtual Debit Card.

Enjoy a virtual debit card for instant spending and effortless payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Need cash? With Bloxley Basic, you'll enjoy the freedom of three no cost withdrawals per month from NFC-enabled ATMs. And if you prefer the tactile experience of a physical card, simply order a physical debit card for a one-time delivery fee.

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Simplify Your Payments

Effortlessly send, receive, or request money from other Bloxley users via their Name, E-Mail, Phone number or @BloxID tag.

Transfers are always lightning-fast and free between Bloxley friends, no matter where you are in the world.

Our Banking Solutions

Split Bills with Your Friends

We make it easy for you to split your bills. From restaurant tabs to rent, split bills with anyone, even if they are not on Bloxley.

We even send automatic reminders so you’ll never have to text your old flatmate, or ex, ever again.

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Supercharge Your Savings with Pockets.

Say goodbye to the complexities of sub-accounts and embrace a simpler way to organize and save your money with pockets.

Create up to two customized pockets for your goals, whether it's that dream vacation or your next big purchase.

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Safeguarding Your Finances

Bloxley places a high priority on the safety of your money and data. We employ industry-standard encryption protocols, adhering to PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Your data is kept safe and confidential, ensuring the utmost privacy and protection.

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Making money simple around the world.

Send and receive money around the world simple, fast, secure and with low fees.

Pocket it. Save it. Get it.

Enjoy a simpler way to organize and save your money with pockets.

Fraud stands no chance.

Secure your finances with up-to-date authentication. Enjoy banking in real-time and use biometrics to authenticate your transactions to make sure it's truly you.

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Keep your money Safe & Sound.

We are on a mission to provide financial freedom and prosperity for everyone on a global scale while leveraging new innovation to enhance your everyday life.

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Start your banking journey with us at no cost, and enjoy the swiftest sign-up process, taking < 6 minutes to open your account all from your phone.

Banking in real time

Whether it's making a withdrawal, deposit, or sending money to friends in no time — stay in the loop of your financial transactions with automated notifications.

We're here for you

Should you encounter any issues or have any inquiries, our Customer Support team is readily available to assist you, offering service in both English and Spanish.

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the FAQ?

What is Bloxley?

Bloxley is a modern Neobank that is 100% mobile and US regulated. Banking Services are provided by Mbanq's Bank partners. Known for our innovative mindset, our goal is to provide a globally operating solution, driven by the most recent advancements in technology.

What do I need to open a Bloxley Basic account?

To open an Bloxley Basic bank account, you need to:

- Be at least 18 years old
- Have a Social Security Number (SSN) or iTIN Number
- Have a compatible smartphone
- Have a supported ID document, applicable to the country that you’re a resident in.

What are the benefits of a Bloxley Basic account?

Your Bloxley Basic account is entirely mobile and fee-free, providing an added layer of flexibility and convenience to your daily routine. Say goodbye to bank branch visits, long queues, and restrictive opening hours. With our app, you can freely send, receive, and manage your money from anywhere, at any time. A complimentary virtual Visa debit card is included, enabling you to make payments with your smartphone in physical stores, online, and within apps via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You're also granted the option to withdraw up to $200 in cash daily, $600 weekly, and $1500 monthly from any NFC-enabled ATM bearing the contactless symbol. Moreover, gain valuable insights into your spending patterns with our smart tool, Insights, which automatically categorizes your spending in real time and create up to 2 pockets to organize your finances! To get more information about pockets, visit the pockets sub-page.

How much does a Bloxley Basic account cost?

Opening a Bloxley Basic account comes with zero charge and with no maintenance fees, no requirements for minimum deposits, and no stipulations for maintaining a minimum account balance.