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Get a debit card in the color that suits your style. Upgrade to Ultimate and enjoy an exclusive metal card available in three stunning finishes.

As a Bloxley Basic Member, you can instantly start using your virtual Debit Card at no additional charge.

Use it Straight Away.

Even before your physical card arrives, you can connect your Bloxley card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and tap and pay with ease.

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Easily lock or unlock your card with a few taps. Need to change your PIN? No problem. Get a card you are truly in control of.

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Experience global payments and pay in over 100 countries. Shop confidently online or in-store with your Bloxley card.

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Your Account Activity, Live in Your Pocket

With real-time push notifications, you'll receive instant updates for each transaction so you are confident your payment was successful. Whether money's coming in or going out, we keep you up to date and remind you of your daily total too.

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Unleash your creativity and personalize your Debit Card with text, doodles and stickers. Stand out from the crowd and let your debit card be a canvas for your imagination.

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Stand out from the crowd and personalize your debit card with text, doodles and stickers.

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True Exclusivity With A Metal Card

Introducing the ultimate statement piece - our Metal card. Elevate your status and turn heads with its sleek design. Ultimate members enjoy features like cash-back and other perks.

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Transact Online and In-store with Virtual Cards

Virtual cards, real convenience: Securely spend online and in-store, and connect to Apple Pay or Google Pay to seamlessly pay anywhere.

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Safeguarding Your Funds and Privacy

Bloxley places a high priority on the safety of your money and data. We employ industry-standard encryption protocols, adhering to PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Your data is kept safe and confidential, ensuring the utmost privacy and protection.

Cash Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy 3 ATM withdrawals each month at no cost with Bloxley Basic. Upgrade to Plus for up to 5 ATM withdrawals a month. Need even more? Premium gives you up to 6 no fee ATM withdrawals a month. Go for Ultimate and relish up to 8 no fee ATM withdrawals every month.

Tap, Pay and Go with Ease

Experience the convenience of contactless payments with your Bloxley Debit Card. Whether you're shopping in physical stores, making online purchases, or using mobile apps, complete transactions securely and swiftly with a simple tap.

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Discover exclusive perks and benefits.

Spend with Confidence

With pockets, you can create dedicated places to tag your money, turning saving into a breeze.

Assign spending alerts to dedicated pockets with your virtual or physical Debit Card so you’re inclined to only spend what’s in the linked pocket.

Fraud stands no chance.

Secure your finances with up-to-date authentication. Enjoy banking in real-time and advanced biometrics to authenticate your transactions to make sure it's truly you.

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the FAQ?

What is the Bloxley Debit Card?

Every Bloxley card is a debit card equipped with contactless NFC technology, including our custom-designed metal card. Whether you're shopping or withdrawing cash globally, your money remains secure. Furthermore, you can link your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay, allowing you to confidently manage transactions and savings directly from your mobile device.

How can I get a Bloxley Debit Card?

Bloxley Basic provides a complimentary virtual card, with the option to purchase a physical one. For additional details, check out the Bloxley Basic page. If you opt for a Bloxley Plus account or higher, a debit card is included in your package, with a selection of 5 colors available. For Bloxley Ultimate account holders, an exclusive metal card is offered in a choice of three metallic tones.

Is the Bloxley Card a Credit Card?

Currently, we do not provide credit cards. As a plus customer, your account comes with a physical debit card. As a Basic customer, you enjoy a complementary virtual card and have the option to get a physical one for a one-time fee.

What are the benefits of Bloxley Debit Cards?

All Bloxley debit cards enable you to directly use your account funds, whether through your physical or virtual card. Account holders of Bloxley Plus or higher can enjoy a variety of benefits depending on their plans, ranging from 'pockets money-tags' to extensive insurance coverage. For a side-by-side comparison, please visit our accounts page.