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Coming soon: Enjoy a simpler way to organize and save your money with pockets.

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Pocket Your Money - Your Way.

With pockets you can tag designated portions of your existing account balance for whatever you need. Starting from up to 2 pockets available for Basic members.

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I want it, I get it...

Create customized pockets for your goals; whether it's that dream vacation or your next big purchase, pockets provide the tools you need to make it happen.

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Aim High, Achieve More

Customize your pockets by setting goal amounts and deadlines. You will be notified when you reach your savings milestones.

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Create Habits, Save More

Set up automated rules to tag your money to a dedicated pocket, ensuring you never forget to save towards your goals.

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Stay in Control, Spend from a Pocket

Link your Bloxley Debit Card to a specific pocket and get notified when you are about to break your saving goal.

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See the Big Picture

Gain a comprehensive view of your finances with pockets. See the big picture as you track your progress towards multiple savings goals, all in one place. With a clear overview of each pocket, you can stay focused and in control.

Tag money the way you like

Customize your pockets to match your preferences for money management. Seamlessly add or remove tagged money, configure automations and conveniently support your bill payments through better organization.

Spend to Save with Round-Ups

When you use your Bloxley card for purchases, we'll round up the transaction amount to the next dollar and automatically save the spare change in your selected pocket.

Set Your Goals

Customize your pockets by setting goal amounts and deadlines. You will be notified when you reach your savings milestones.

Tag Money Between Pockets

Take control of your finances in real time by organizing your funds according to your preferences. With each pocket acting as a distinct budget-space, you have the power to shift tagged funds between them with a simple tap in your Bloxley app.

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Secure your finances with up-to-date authentication. Enjoy banking in real-time and use biometrics to authenticate your transactions to make sure it's truly you.

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We are on a mission to provide financial freedom and prosperity for everyone on a global scale while leveraging new innovation to enhance your everyday life.

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Start your banking journey with us at no cost, and enjoy the swiftest sign-up process, taking < 6 minutes to open your account all from your phone.

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Whether it's making a withdrawal, deposit, or sending money to friends in no time — stay in the loop of your financial transactions with automated notifications.

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Should you encounter any issues or have any inquiries, our Customer Support team is readily available to assist you, offering service in both English and Spanish.

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the FAQ?

What are Bloxley Pockets?

Bloxley Pockets is an upcoming feature to manage and categorize your funds within our mobile banking application. Pockets offer a convenient method for personal budgeting and expense tracking. They function as virtual "tags" to designate portions of a users existing account balance for specific purposes, such as "Rent," "Groceries," or "Vacation". It is important to note that pockets are not separate or sub-accounts, nor do they bear interest or offer overdraft protection. They are simply a way to organize and earmark money within your primary account for various purposes.

Pockets do not constitute a separate account or financial product.

Why is it called "Pockets"?

Just as you can put items in a pocket the way you like, Bloxley Pockets offer a way for you to tag your own money. Pockets are not confined to saving alone but serve as tool for you to view your financial progress, providing a multifunctional platform to accommodate your varying needs.

How many pockets can I create?

If you have a Bloxley Basic account, you can create up to 2 pockets. 5 for Bloxley Plus, up to 10 for Premium and unlimited pockets for Ultimate. These sit alongside your main account, and you can create and delete these as often as you want.

What happens when I delete a pocket?

Your funds get un-tagged and are immediately visible in your own main account on the home-screen.